Import your previous flight logs from other apps or Excel format to Captain Logbook!

Currently, we support importing your existing flight logs from your Excel file and some other electronic pilot logbook apps including:

  • LogTen Pro
  • Log ATP 2
  • ForeFlight
  • PILOTLOG (CrewLounge AERO)
  • APDL - Airline Pilot Logbook
  • RB Logbook (RosterBuster CAE)
  • MyFlightbook

The "Retrieve ID" code expires after 24 hours. If you have other format or problem while importing, please email us at [email protected] with your import file.

By importing or uploading your existing logbook file, you are agree to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

Select one of the import format:

Upload Excel File (CaptainLogbook custom format)

Download our example file: CaptainLogbook Excel(xlsx)

LogTen Pro Import

Go to LogTen Pro app, make sure that Settings > Display Options > Use Zulu (UTC) Time is selected.
Go to Reports > Exporters, and select "Export Flights(Tab)" and "Address Book Export" (Pilot information). Upload two files to here.

Log ATP 2 Import

Go to Settings > Export > All System Data. You will receive 2 csv files in your email. Upload those two files.

Log ATP 1 (Legacy) Import

If you have added yourself as a crew in the app, type the same "Employee ID" in your crew information. This helps us identify you as "Me/Self" in our app.

If you forget your password, go to Log ATP app, Settings > Account, then click on your E-mail to reset the password.

ForeFlight Import: csv file

PILOTLOG - CrewLounge AERO Import: Excel(XLS) file

Go to web portal (Apps > PILOTLOG > Export Database), and download XLS file and upload.

APDL - Airline Pilot Logbook Import: TAB file

Go to web portal, Export Data page. Select "Date Range" to All, choose "Export Times In" to "UTC".
Select "Export Airports as" based on your preference, Captain Logbook can accommodate any airport code format (IATA, ICAO or FAA).
Select "Get Flights" and then "Download TAB File", and upload the file.

RB Logbook by RosterBuster (CAE) Import: CSV files

Go to "Import & Export Data > Export to CSV". Select "All flights", and generate 3 report types (Flights, Aircrafts, People) as CSV files. Enter the exact "First Name" and "Last Name" shown in "People". Then upload these files.

MyFlightbook: CSV file

Go to web portal (Logbook > Download > CSV File), and download CSV file and upload.